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    For Bricks and Mortar stores, our shopping services platform is the perfect conduit to accelerate shopper acquisition, engagement and participation at precisely the time and place where it matters most; while they are physically in the store; enabling relevant, finely-nuanced marketing strategies that increase revenue and customer satisfaction at low cost.


    Download the Deloitte 2016 report on mobile consumer trends. A closer look at how bricks-and-mortar retailers can take advantage of technology developments to enhance customer experience, re-engage with the shoppers who browse and leave your store without purchasing.


    Shopping Mall Operator

    Our shopping services platform will deliver meaningful benefits for your retail tenants and will provide you with greater shopper intelligence to improve shopping experiences inside your mall.


    Download the EC Harris blueprint on how to deliver a successful shopping mall in Asia. See how you can re-engage with shoppers and encourage foot traffic to your shopping mall.

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    Australian Retailers Association

    C-level insights: Retail essentials in 2015 reported, the most critical elements for Retailer success right now are:

    • Convergence of On-line and Bricks & Mortar
    • An Intimate understanding of the Customer
    • Without the Right Technology, Retailers will be left behind

    Russell Zimmerman - 2015, Executive Director,
    Australian Retailers Association

    Featuring at https://youtu.be/ACz-bZXcgmM

    Harvard Business Review Press

    New technologies that marry mobile apps, location sensing technologies (e.g., GPS, beacon) and data analytics will improve the in-store experience for customers. Most important, is the need to start convincing customers to enter into a two-way conversation with the retailer via the mobile app for better engagement, loyalty and conversion.


    Reported at HBR Press: The potential of geolocation for revolutionizing retail

    PWC, Total Retail 2015

    The more shoppers we canvass in country after country... the more obvious it is that consumers... want their shopping needs met in a way that minimizes uncertainty and inflexibility and maximizes efficiency, convenience and pleasure


    Reported at PWC Total Retail 2015 and featuring at https://youtu.be/ZVNT9w_X7QE

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