• Imagine

    Capturing the product interests of shoppers who browse in-store and leave without purchasing.


    Connecting with those shoppers and the products they haven’t purchased yet.


    Introducing a powerful but simple innovation for retailers to bridge this gap.

  • Capture that 1st step of ownership

    ili! extends the shopping experience past the door and past the website, by capturing the specific product interests of shoppers who browse in-store and leave without purchasing, providing powerful new knowledge for merchandising and remarketing and a full 360 degree shopping/retail experience for the customer.

    1. Scan Existing Barcode

    Barcode is the identifier for a product

    Shoppers can scan the existing barcode to curate the product to their shopping journey list. This allows shoppers to access to richer content e.g. the designer, the quality, the origins etc.

    2. Unrecognised Barcodes

    Capture the interest via photo curation

    We can handle unrecognised barcodes. We let consumers capture the barcode, take a photo of the product and geo-locate the store for future reference by the shopper and remarketing by the retailer.

    3. Collection Curation

    Capture window displays and collections

    Capture shopper interest at popups, exhibits, events, window displays and through visual media or provide a simple way to combine multiple products into one collection for shoppers to curate using Short Message Service.

  • Street View

    Make it easier for shoppers to locate you on the go!

  • Unlock New Data, Re-marketing & Sales Channels

    Powerful Insight & Re-marketing Opportunities

    Bricks and Mortar retailers will be able to use the 'product interest' insight to manage merchandising, purchases, shopper conversion, re-marketing and in-store engagement.

    • Access to the standard real-time dashboard is complementary.
    • A qualified lead to directly re-engage with shoppers once they have left your store.

    Convenient sales and fulfillment options

    Incremental Sales

    ili! shoppers can easily purchase any product from your store that they have previously curated throughout their shopping journey, with convenient fulfillment options available

    • Redirect to your website
    • Click & Collect
    • Click to Buy
    • More fulfilment options coming soon

    Switch on the Mobile marketplace

    Advertising your store and your products

    Key benefits:

    • ili! shoppers can easily locate your store in our marketplace, anywhere, anytime
    • Provides a placeholder to promote your brand via video and larger promoted product images

    Facebook integration

    Harness the power of a Facebook social media marketing channel for Bricks and Mortar stores. Provide the same ease of social sharing enjoyed by online stores where one click shares the item.

    • Reach new consumer markets via 2nd and 3rd degrees of the network.
    • Create brand advocates and extend the followers network.
  • Little bit extra, compile a collection?

    Let your customer curate the whole collection

    Style Collection

    If you are a visual merchadiser, style designer or collaborative branding marketer, you can compile your collection of products into one easy curation for the consumer to browse or purchase.

    Window Display

    During non-business hours, your customer may pass your store's window display and have interest in products on display. ili! provides an easy way for them to curate for later browsing or purchase.







    Connect, Engage, Convert & Retain

    Our mission is not to blur the boundaries between physical and digital retail, but instead meld them into one seamless experience that is fun, engaging and offers unparalleled personalisation and flexibility, especially for shoppers. With greater insight for shoppers, retailers and mall operators; its win-win-win.


    Important facts:

    We are not here to compete with your physical store and online store.

    We are here to help the browsers buy what they want from your store.

    We are about incremental knowledge and sales.

  • Simple pricing

    Our business model is very simple, we charge you based on leads and sales results.

    $0.18 per unique lead curated

    Marketing funnel system covering the cost of:

    • Hosting
    • Messaging (re-marketing)
    • Facebook integration
    • Automatic offering by demand threshold
    • Analytics

    8% per sales transaction

    • In-app purchase only (coming soon)
    • Plus standard bank fees
  • Turning on to the New Retail

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